Saturday, January 17, 2009

MI Great Lakes Plan:

Executive Summary

The Great Lakes are integral to the past, present, and future economic vitality of Michigan and the region. The health of the people of Michigan, our economy, and our quality of life depends on clean water and productive land that is sustainable far into the future.

The Great Lakes represent one-fifth of the world’s fresh surface water and provide unparalleled recreational and economic opportunities to the 10 million people that call Michigan home. Studies show that the Great Lakes provide Michigan with 823,000 jobs that represent nearly 25 percent of Michigan’s payroll1. Additionally, Great Lakes tourism generates billions of dollars each year from those who spend leisure time around our lakes and streams.

Michigan’s water resources have been the catalyst for the economic development that moved us to international prominence. But those events have also left some communities with a legacy of pollution from contaminated sediments, invasive species, inadequate sewer systems, and uncontrolled development. These pressures put the lakes at risk – threatening our health and economic viability.

Michigan’s citizens want solutions to these challenges; solutions that protect our water and capitalize on unique opportunities for economic transformation.

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