Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wisconsin Fishing Club, Ltd. Nov. 9, 2009 Minutes
2009 - Our 43rd year as an all species club.
President Cliff Schulz opened our meeting by welcoming new member Jeff who fishes Big Green for pike and bass plus he bow hunts for carp. Cliff then introduced the officers. He followed this with the fishing reports which I’ve posted on our website.

Okauchee and Oconomowoc are not active. Wayne Avery successfully continues fly fishing the Milwaukee River in the Kletch Park and downstream areas. He has taken some nice Chinook salmon. The Rock River is slow, but one member did catch five walleyes to 20 inches long.

Secretary Larry Van Veghel and his fishing partner fished Waubeesee Lake. His partner kept 12 bluegills while Larry caught and released three northerns. The ‘gills hit nightcrawler pieces on a plain hook; Larry used a black spinnerbait for the pike. He released all three pike.

Ray fished with guide Kevin Moore on Oconomowoc Lake, and Ray caught two muskies while using red tail chubs. The suckers were not producing fish. Ray’s largest musky was a nice 47 inch fish.

Dale caught a dozen crappies in the Kettle on Lake Nagawicka.

Sturgeon Bay produced a 28 inch northern. Little Sturgeon Bay was more active, as it gave up a super, 36 inch northern, a 19 inch smallmouth and an 18-1/2 inch walleye.

Lake Michigan is slow for perch. One member only caught one perch.

The secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were read and approved without any changes. Per Treasurer Dan, we have $638.00 in our account.

Our third and final nominations were held. No new names were added to the list, and the existing officer were elected unopposed.

Our logo contest will be decided at the beginning of next year, per Vice president George.
We will have a December 14th meeting. It will be on the Monday after our December 12th Christmas banquet. The meeting’s guest speaker Brian Moe will discuss season ice fishing, including information on lakes, tackle, ice conditions and more.

Cliff is working on getting 10” x 14” wide signs for the various teaching stations conducted at our Kids Fishing Clinics.

Both the secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were read and approved as read. We have $411.00 in our treasury. New members are welcome, and they should see Dan to join our club.

We had our second in a series of three meeting nominations for officers. No new nominations were made and currently only the incumbents have been nominated. During our next meeting, the third and final nominations will be made, followed by the elections.

Wayne Avery said that the House of Correction fish hatchery is on the chopping block. Members should contact their county supervisors to voice their support of this program. This hatchery contributes a large portion of the fish to our annual Kids Fishing Clinics.

We discussed our upcoming December 12, 2009 Christmas banquet. November 20, 2009 is the deadline for paying for the banquet. There will be door prizes and a raffle. Costs are $30.00 per person and $15.00 for children up to 16 years of age.

On November 9th, our speaker is from M&W Marine. He will discuss winterizing your boat.

We will have a meeting on December 14th.

Members voted for their favorite logo design. We will find out at the next meeting as to which were the most popular.

Our guest speaker Kevin Moore gave a terrific talk on late fall musky fishing for beginners. He included numerous tips for advanced anglers too.

Moore said that fall is the best time for musky fishing. The fish are aggressively feeding in preparation for winter. Look for green weeds, plus look for rocks that warm in the sunlight.

Suckers take most of the fall muskies, but lures such as the Bulldog also catch fish. The Hellhound is an excellent glide bait.

Kevin said the clear lakes should be fished on gray, cloudy days.

Regarding line weights, Moore uses 30# monofilament for suckers. He combines this with an 80# leader. For casting line, he uses 65# Tough Line XP.

Respectfully submitted,
Larry Van Veghel
WFC Secretary & Media Director

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