Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today the Wisconsin Assembly was Unable to Override Doyle's Veto on AB 138

By: John E. Durben, President
It looks to me like the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the Wisconsin Realtors and the Wisconsin Builders have more clout than all of Wisconsin Hunters, Fishermen, other Sportsmen and Conservation Groups since they won today in the attempt to override the Governor's veto of Bill AB 138 which would have restored the Natural Resources Board appointment of the DNR Secretary.
We will continue as we have since 1996 with the Governor appointing who ever they wish whether they are qualified or not and probably for the same length of term that the Governor remains in office unless they tarnish the image of the appointer.
Without appointing qualified individuals to the position and not allowing for a natural learning curve for a new position as most jobs require, we will continue to see a turnover in the position as we've seen in the last few years since the change in who makes the appointments.
The Democrats who introduced the Bill could only secure 58 of the 64 votes needed (out of 96 voting) to reach the 2/3 majority required to override the veto.
Looks like "politics as usual" to me.
We will provide more information regarding this subject as it is made available.

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