Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Workshops help adults pass on fishing to a new generation

April 6 session in Milwaukee, others upon request

MILWAUKEE – Adults who love to fish or care about Wisconsin lakes and streams can help pass on a favorite Wisconsin tradition to a new generation by attending a workshop April 6 in Milwaukee or by requesting that a workshop be held in their area.

“Anglers and others can invest in the future of fishing by attending an angler education workshop,” says Department of Natural Resources Secretary Matt Frank. “They’ll get the teaching tools and materials they need to help start a fishing club or bring aquatic education into their classroom.”

Teachers and volunteers use the Department of Natural Resources Angler Education Program to introduce children to basic fishing skills and connect them to Wisconsin's lakes and streams. Adults who attend the workshop receive free materials that they can use to teach their own angler education courses and help guide adventures in local water resource investigations. Fishing equipment and other materials are available for loan to instructors for their programs.

Youth leaders, classroom teachers, fishing club members and civic leaders are encouraged to attend as a team or to form one at the workshop. Demand is increasing for after-school fishing clubs, so this would be a good opportunity for community partners to join forces in helping to provide youth with a healthy pastime, according to Theresa Stabo, DNR aquatic resources educator..

Classroom teachers use activities correlated to Wisconsin's academic standards for science, history, language arts, physical education and other disciplines, Stabo says.

More details about April 6 workshop and how to request one for your area

The Milwaukee workshop runs from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Havenwoods State Forest, 6141 N. Hopkins St., Milwaukee. Adults interested in attending the workshop can download a registration form (pdf) from the DNR Web site and mail it in to Stabo (mailing information on form).

People who are interested in receiving the training to help start their own youth fishing clubs can check the DNR Web site to see if angler education workshops are being planned in their area.

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