Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WCSFO Spring Meeting–March 19, 2011

Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Gander Mountain
6939 5 27th St
Franklin WI

Club Delegates are urged to attend -All Club Members are welcome

Meeting Agenda:


1.Call to order /Introductions / sign in

2.Minutes from March 20, 2010 Spring Meeting (L.A. Van Veghel)

3.Treasurers Report (Cornell Stroik)

4.Dues Notices (2011)

5. Mike Staggs -WI DNR -Spring Hearings, highlights from 2010 and some priorities for 2011.

6.Online newsletter (Need email addresses/subscribers and newsletter content info to disburse). This ties together, but if we want to provide info -we need contacts and info. Majority of info at this time is being provided by the WDNR via news releases and other material from L.A. Van Veghel.

7.WI Wildlife Federation Update -Mike Arrowood Chairperson of the WWF Fisheries Committee

8.Lake access news (Ted Lind)

9.B.A.S.S. Federation News (Cornell Stoik)

10.Tournaments/C.A.S.T. -Updates/News

11."Kids Fishing Klinics," Update for 2011

12. Old Business:

A. Kids Fishing Book

14. New Business:*

15. Adjourn


* Items not listed on the Agenda will be discussed under New Business.

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