Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekly Fishing Tip: Techniques to target trout through the ice

Many anglers look forward to the opportunity to target trout – and not just on April’s opening day! Trout fishing through the ice can be quite fun, if you use the proper techniques. Consider the following….


Certain species of trout, particularly brown trout, really gravitate to tip-ups as they linger in shallower water. Consider your depth if you use this type of angling.


Lake trout and brown trout can easily be attracted by jigging with a spoon. For lake trout use a piece of smelt or sucker as your bait. For brown trout use the head of a minnow.

Don’t want to sit on the ice looking for trout? Then gear up for the open water season! Check out lots of information about Michigan’s trout species online.

This tip was adapted from Michigan Outdoor News.

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