Monday, February 13, 2017

Winnebago System Sturgeon Enthusiasts:(Day 3)

February 13, 2017

Scott Lehl 72.5 inch 140.6 pounds
There were 98 sturgeon harvested on the Winnebago System today including 66 from Lake Winnebago and 32 from the Upriver Lakes (attached table). Today’s harvest included the largest fish of the season to date, both in length and weight.  Gerald Peterson’s 154.9 pound (83.4”) female just beat out Sandra Schumacher’s 154.7 pound fish from opening day.  Congratulations to Gerald on an impressive fish (photo included)!  A second 140+ pound fish (140.6 pounds, 72.5”) was registered at Payne’s Point today by Scott Lehl. Scott and Gerald’s fish bring the season total to 6 fish that have been harvested at 140+ pounds during this season.

In addition to registering 98 fish today, our crew was busy analyzing gut contents of ~80 fish harvested over the weekend. The results have not been entered and summarized yet, but it’s clear that most fish in the system are focusing in on gizzard shad as their primary food source. I will be sure to get a report out on the diet work later in the week, but our primary objective now is removing otoliths from all of the sturgeon heads that have been donated to date.  

Good luck to folks heading out on the ice tomorrow!  

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Ryan Koenigs
Senior Fisheries Biologist / Winnebago System Sturgeon Biologist
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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