Monday, August 14, 2017

Conservation Wardens Need Your Help!

Assembly Bill 411 Seriously Undermines Fish and Game Enforcement

Assembly Bill 411 threatens the ability of Conservation Wardens to effectively enforce hunting, fishing and trapping regulations on the 80% of Wisconsin that is privately owned.

Under current law any law enforcement officer including conservation wardens has the authority to enter open fields of private land to assure compliance with laws. They do not have authority to enter buildings or areas near buildings.

Wardens need the authority to enter open fields to assure that individuals hunting, fishing or trapping have the appropriate licenses and stamps to hunt, fish or trap and to assure that individuals on private land are complying with all hunting, fishing and trapping regulations.

Fish and wildlife are owned by the public and unless conservation wardens are allowed to go onto the open fields of private land to enforce hunting, fishing and trapping regulations, fish and game on that property from a practical standpoint becomes private.

There should be the same fish and game regulation enforcement on private lands as public lands.

Support your local Conservation Warden

Ask your State Senator and State Representative to Vote NO on Assembly Bill 411.

Go to the legislative website first page to find out how to contact your legislators:

Source: Wisconsin Wildlife Federation’s - Wisconservation

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