Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Critical habitat locations identified in Lake Noquebay

CRIVITZ - The Department of Natural Resources has identified locations of critical habitat in Lake Noquebay in Marinette County.

The identified locations are eligible for critical habitat designation and if approved, they will be given additional protection so that the health of the lake can be preserved. Critical habitat designation means that additional permit review and special permit conditions may apply to landowners who wish to alter the critical habitat sites through activities such as dredging, controlling aquatic plants, or establishing culverts, piers, and docks.

Areas of critical habitat play a vital role in protecting water quality, hunting, fishing, and natural beauty of Wisconsin’s lakes and streams. The Department has made a tentative determination that specific locations in Lake Noquebay contain fish and wildlife habitat, including specific sites necessary for breeding, nesting, nursery, and feeding; physical features that ensure protection of water quality; reaches of bank, shore or bed that are predominately natural in appearance (not man-made or artificial) or that screen man-made or artificial features; and navigational thoroughfares or areas traditionally used for navigation during recreational boating, angling, or enjoyment of scenic beauty.

Before the Department proceeds further toward a decision on the designation, an informational meeting 6:00 pm, June, 17, 2009 at Village of Crivitz Hall, 800 Henriette Ave. Crivitz, Wisconsin. The purpose of the meeting is to share and obtain information on these sites to ensure that they are properly classified. The public has the right to request a public hearing within 30 days of this notice to bring forth information in support or opposition to these areas.

For more information about the informational meeting on June 17, the critical habitat program, or to read a draft of the report go to: Critical Habitat Designations or contact Andrew Sabai, DNR Oshkosh Service Center, 625 E CTY RD Y STE 700, Oshkosh, WI, phone number 920-303-5442.

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