Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Donation to support State Natural Areas

MADISON -- The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board, at its meeting on May 27, accepted a $31,375 donation from the Natural Resources Foundation to help support natural areas across the state.

The donation set aside $25,000 for management of the State Natural Areas program. State Natural Areass encompass outstanding examples of Wisconsin's native landscape, provide recreational opportunities and protect habitat for endangered and threatened plants and animals. The Avoca Prairie and Savanna State Natural Area along the Lower Wisconsin Riverway in Iowa County will receive $6,375 for restoration projects. Designated a State Natural Area in 1968, the 1885-acre site contains the largest natural tall grass prairie east of the Mississippi River and is home to rare animals including red-shouldered hawk and short-eared owl and Blanding’s turtle.

Bureau of Endangered Resources director Signe Holtz said the support of the Natural Resources Foundation has been critical to the success of the natural areas program and the protection of Wisconsin’s endangered species.

“The Natural Resources Foundation is an important partner in the stewardship, protection and management of our natural resources. We are grateful for their continued support.”

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