Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 Lake Sturgeon Spawning - It's almost over...

Come Face To Face With Prehistory

Become one of the crowd as lake sturgeon make their annual spawning run up the Wolf River, Wisconsin. Sturgeon Spawning Update (4/15/10)

The sturgeon are spawning at Shawano

The sturgeon moved into the Shawano Dam spawning site yesterday in large numbers and started spawning this morning at daybreak. This is it - the big final push of the sturgeon spawning season and one of the biggest sturgeon spawning shows on earth. Below the dam at the west end of Richmond St in Shawano is a public sturgeon viewing area (Sturgeon Park). Given the warm weather, I expect the fish to spawn out quickly, most likely finishing with the majority of their spawning by Saturday morning. Sturgeon also started spawning yesterday evening or this morning at a number of other sites south of Shawano on private properties. Fish can still be seen spawning today at Bamboo Bend near Shiocton- Ron Bruch, Oshkosh.

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