Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Sturgeon Spawning Photos from Shawano Dam #1

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Top Left: This Sturgeon is about to get measured, tagged and released. Top Right: Spawning Sturgeon at the foot of the Shawano Dam on the Wolf River here in Wisconsin. You can see one poke his head out of the water as if to look what fate is in front of him. 2 Left: One of the netted Sturgeons is passed along as if it were in a fire brigade.Not only does this reduce some of the fatigue, it reduces the risk of tripping over the many slippery rocks underneath the water. 2 Right: This fish decided it had no intentions of getting processed. 3 Left: An identification tag is being inserted into the fish for tracking purposes. Information regarding their size, location, age and more can be determined from the tags. If the fish is unfortunate enough to get speared during the Sturgeon Spearing season the tag is removed and the information is updated. 3 Right: Although the spawning season was drawing to a close for this year, volunteers were still able to net a few more fish on this Saturday morning. Bottom: Information is being read from the tagged fish by the hand held scanner in the DNR workers hand. The information is then relayed to a volunteer who records the information for future use. (Note: Earlier in the day this volunteer was instructed on how to handle these huge and powerful fish to avoid getting any fingers broken or hurt.)

Photos  by: John E. Durben

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