Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Best bets for fishing, getting “unlost” and finding field trips in the April issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

MADISON - Pick up the April issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine to net tips for hot fishing, hints on finding your way when in the outdoors, and links to great field trips from spring through fall.

The April issue includes Wisconsin’s annual Fishing Forecast. Readers will have a full 16 pages of Department of Natural Resources fisheries crews’ best bets to cast a line for walleye, bass, muskies, trout and panfish. Read about good places to try your luck around the state where stream projects, habitat rehab, anglers and partners are improving fishing prospects.

The feature story “Getting From Lost to Found” describes what to pack and what to do to help yourself if you get lost outdoors. A little preparation and a few supplies go a long way to keep you safe and help others find you.

The April issues also includes links to the annual listing of weekend field trips offered from spring through fall through the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin at [http://www.wisconservation.org/] (exit DNR). The list includes great paddling trips, field days to see swans, eagles and raptors, and to catch prairies at peak bloom. Outdoor tours are led by expert naturalists with a passion for Wisconsin’s special places.

Another article explores how updates in protecting shorelands aim to keep Wisconsin shorelines pleasing for homeowner, boaters and other lakeside users. And check out the list of plants and animals we hope to contain through partnerships to curb invasive species.

Those features and more await readers of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine.

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