Thursday, May 8, 2014

2014 Sturgeon Spawn Comes to an End in Shawano

Posted below is a portion of a collection of photos taken by WCSFO President John Durben on May 8 between Thunderstorms. For those who are familiar with the event, you can see that the water is higher and swifter than recent years.

For those who are not familiar, the WDNR employees capture, measure, sex, check for previously tagged fish as well as tag first time captured fish. Before being released, a few of the fish were stripped of eggs and sperm to fertilize eggs for a Georgia Hatchery Sturgeon project. According to one of the spectators, the water temperature was approximately 45 degrees. The air temperature wasn’t much better.

JED_0015788  JED_0015792JED_0015793  JED_0015794JED_0015795  JED_0015796JED_0015798  JED_0015830JED_0015832  JED_0015844JED_0015849  JED_0015878JED_0015889  JED_0015901JED_0015939  JED_0015945JED_0015953  JED_0015957

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