Friday, May 2, 2014

Walleyes for Tomorrow–Shawano Area Chapter Working for the Future

The Shawano Area Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow set up their Portable Hatchery (commonly known as the Walleye Wagon) over a month ago in the village of Cecil on the shores of Shawano Lake. The last three weeks however have been spent working with the WDNR gathering and preparing the valuable gold for the Hatchery. The DNR happened to be performing fish surveys on the Lake this year as well. The fish caught in the nets were recorded and released while some such as the musky were measured, weighed, tagged and had a scale sample taken. (Note WDNR Fisheries Biologist Alan Niebur holding and releasing the muskies in the photos below.)

The last report indicates that there were approximately 3.75 million eggs gathered for this years project. This is the third year the Hatchery has been operating on this site and the third year Mother Nature has refused to cooperate with a winter season that refuses to give up.

Preliminary results of the DNR Survey tells us that some of the larger than fingerling walleyes released in 2011 are doing well.

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