Saturday, March 7, 2009


by: L.A. Van Veghel

Even though I do plenty of reading on the computer, I prefer books. While they aren’t very interactive, except for page turning and some children’s books having pop-ups, they do keep me focused. On the computer, I might decide to check my emails, as I’ve just done for an hour, or I might opt to look up something regarding what I’m reading. The next bit of info can send me on a well-meaning but poorly focused Sunday thought drive over the highways and the byways of pothole-filled cyberspace. That often flashes a glaring red stop light in front of what I was reading. I stay on my detour.

You don’t have to have electrical outlet, batteries, or Wi-Fi for books. You don’t have to wait for booting up and signing in when you read a book, and you see the whole page, unlike on palm pilots or other tiny-screened eye strainers. Losing a book is also much less expensive and it doesn’t involve losing the stealing of your identity or the loss of valuable confidential work.

While I’m sitting at my desk waiting for my computer to virus scan some six digit figure collection of files for viruses that came from my recent foray into fishing websites in Russia that somehow got confused by the computer and it’s definition of what “fish” means and some disease ridden x-rated website popped onto my screen and spewed its filth ridden viruses into my previously virgin CPU, I’m writing this article.

Okay, now I just completed a secure cleaning of my computer. I have finished the rough draft of the first page for this article. The complete cleaning removed all kinds of stuff by doing its job seven times. Imagine our bosses letting us do something seven times until it was done right.

Okay, now I’m rebooting. Earlier today, I told a lady cousin of mine who is frustrated with setting up her new computer that rebooting does not mean kicking your computer again. I’ve never rebooted a book. I did throw one in a wastebasket years ago. I overloaded on a famous author.

While my computer is doing all of the stuff I’ve stated, it’s almost like not having a computer. I’m writing longhand.

More time passes, and finally…

Hooray! I’m now using the computer, and I’m having fun while miskeying ala big-time in Microsoft Word.

You know what? I just can’t get focused thanks to the hassle I’ve endured in just getting ready to write this book review article. Writing must cease. It’s time to read another book, and from that pleasurable experience, I hope to come up with a winning book review for you. I’m going to go fishing for a good fishing book. Now, where’s my bookworm. Live bait always helps.

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