Monday, March 30, 2009


by: L.A. Van Veghel

Buck Perry's famous Spoonplugs, plus the great books on structure fishing are still available. The website is The instructional material includes Buck Perry's Structure Situation Guide, Perry's Spoonplugging Your Guide to Lunker Catches (A first edition costs $10.00 more), Perry's outstanding Home Study Course 9 Volumes, and Tom Coleman's Journal. Using the knowledge in these books will do much more than just looking at locators and underwater TV's. In fact, reading these books and applying what you learned will make sense of what you see in your locators and on underwater TV's.

As for the Spoonplugs, I can tell you from experience that they work. For example, I won a Wisconsin Fishing Club, Ltd., outing on Pewaukee Lake, several years ago, by using a brass Spoonplug on an outside weedline. The second from the left Spoonplug in the photo above shows a brass Spoonplug. Long before the advent of Power Pro, Spiderwire, and Fireline, Perry advocated using a tough line called NoBo Trolling Line. It is still available on this site too, as is NoBo Wire Line. Incidentally, the Wisconsin Fishing Club, Ltd. was once called the Wisconsin Spoonpluggers. Now we know why I used a Spoonplug during that fall outing.

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