Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DNR plans structure adjacent to field station/shop on White River Marsh

Warden and 3 wildlife staff will work from this location in Green Lake County

WAUTOMA - The Department of Natural Resources proposes construction of an office and storage facility on the White River Marsh Wildlife Area in Green Lake County.

The proposed building will be adjacent to the current department field shop on South Road in the Town of Seneca. Construction of the 2,400 square foot facility will begin as early as summer of 2009.

This facility will be used as a field station and office for four permanent department staff, including 3 wildlife personnel and the Green Lake County Conservation Warden. In addition, the building will be used for storage and repair of department-owned vehicles and equipment.

The proposed department action is not expected to result in significant adverse environmental effects. The department has made a preliminary determination that an environmental impact statement will not be required for this action. Copies of the environmental assessment that led to this preliminary determination can be obtained from Jim Holzwart, Wildlife Biologist/Property Manager, Wildlife Management, PO Box 343, 120 North Pearl St, Berlin, WI 54923. Phone number: 920-361-3149, e-mail: James.Holzwart@wi.gov.

Public comments, either written or oral, on the environmental assessment are welcome and must be submitted to Jim Holzwart no later than 4:30 p.m. April 3, 2009.

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