Friday, March 6, 2009

Rick Clunn's Tip For Swimming Spoons

One of the most versatile baits in your tackle box is a swimming spoon. Reel it like you would a crankbait when fishing submerged grass and watch it dart and wobble making it irresistible.

When fishing surface weeds, let it sit on top of the grass and then just kind of skitter it a foot or so, let it rest and then repeat. Be ready for a smashing strike when you pause to let it rest.

Skitter it across the spaces and holes between lily pads. Also try bringing it across a pad and then slowly bring it over the edge allowing it to tumble down.

You can also hold your rod high and slowly crawl it over the top of pads or moss. All of these methods seem to drive bass crazy and there's nothing like a bass smashing your swimming spoon to raise you heartbeat.

Rick Clunn is the only 4-Time Bassmasters Classic® Champion

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