Thursday, April 10, 2014

DNR again stocks steelhead in Red Cedar River to enhance fishing on MSU campus

The Department of Natural Resources today announced that nearly 3,200 steelhead were stocked this week in the Red Cedar River at Michigan State University.

In 2013, an ordinance was changed by the MSU board of trustees to allow hook-and-line fishing on campus grounds between the western edge of Brody Complex and what's sometimes referred to as the Sparty bridge connecting West Circle Drive to Chestnut Road. Prior to that, anglers had not been allowed to fish from the Red Cedar's shores since the 1960s.

Fishing from the designated area, on the north bank of the river only, is part of a three-year test period. Good angling opportunities will include steelhead and sucker fishing in the spring, smallmouth bass in the summer, salmon in the fall, and a host of other native species throughout the open season.

A fishing license is required to fish along the Red Cedar. Licenses can be purchased from local retailers or online at from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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