Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trout, salmon, cisco and whitefish tops in omega-3 fatty acids

DNR sent samples of nearly 200 sport fish representing 15 species to the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene and the Minnesota Health Department to be analyzed for several types of fatty acids, including five types of omega-3's. The testing revealed that an 8-ounce serving of all 15 species analyzed will provide the adequate intake level of two fatty acids important in preventing heart diseases and hypertension, and in brain and eye development, Williams says.

"The good news is that Wisconsin sport fish contain high enough concentrations of beneficial fatty acids that you don't need to eat them every day," says Candy Schrank, who coordinates the fish consumption advisory. "In fact, eating one or two meals per month of some species will get the job done. Check the consumption advice that applies to your fishing spot and start enjoying the health benefits."

Read "A Healthy Dose of Flavor," in the April Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine to learn which fish species tested highest for these beneficial fatty acids and get tips on avoiding exposure to mercury and PCBs, two common fish contaminants.

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