Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DNR to hold public hearing on Eagle Lake designation and management

A public hearing on a proposal to formally designate Eagle Lake in McLeod County for wildlife management will be hosted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources near Brownton on April 23.

The meeting is 7 p.m. at the Brownton Rod and Gun Clubhouse, on the south side of Lake Marion, 108th St.

Eagle Lake is a 353-acre shallow basin, 5 miles southwest of Hutchinson, with a history of excellent migratory waterfowl use. Eagle Lake is in a degraded condition typical of many shallow lakes in southern Minnesota, with poor water quality — likely caused by excessive nutrients and overabundant rough fish.

Designating Eagle Lake as a wildlife lake would give the DNR authority to conduct periodic drawdowns by way of a proposed water control structure on the lake. A drawdown can improve waterfowl, wildlife and water quality conditions by stimulating critical aquatic plant growth and promoting a rough fish die-off. The DNR partnered with the Buffalo Creek Watershed District and Ducks Unlimited for a study to help determine the effectiveness of proposed management actions.

Those unable to attend the meeting, but wanting additional information, should Joe Stangel, DNR area wildlife supervisor, 507-225-3572, or Nicole Kovar, DNR wildlife lake specialist, 507-537-6607. Comments will be accepted in writing until May 23 to the Nicollet area DNR office, 501 9th St., Nicollet, MN 56074.

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