Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Conservation Patron License offers something for everyone

As a kid growing up in Wisconsin, I, like so many of you, enjoyed and continue to enjoy all the wonderful outdoor recreational opportunities available to us, including hunting, fishing and trapping.

If you are one of the tens of thousands of Wisconsin citizens that enjoys our beautiful and bountiful natural resources, and would like to help protect and enhance our state's gems, a Conservation Patron license might be the perfect win-win purchase for you, a family member or a friend.

Besides the countless hours that this license offers hunters, trappers and anglers to enjoy our natural resources, it also offers outdoor enthusiasts, including wildlife watchers, hikers and campers, many benefits as well. Even if you don't hunt or fish, there are many advantages to purchasing the conservation patron's license.

Purchase of the Conservation Patron's license includes a state park sticker. Our state parks are nature's masterpieces. A state park sticker gives you a little extra incentive to get out there and offers the convenience to just pull in instead of passing by.

A subscription to the award winning Natural Resources Magazine also comes with the Conservation Patron's license. This bi-monthly publication is filled with photos and stories on the state's fish, fowl and furry creatures, along with its flora and fauna, and also lists fun outdoor events to help you find a new way to enjoy them.

If you're a bird watcher or outdoor photographer, you know how important good habitat is to successful natural resources management, and all the beautiful natural sights to see.

Do you hike, bike, ride an ATV, horse or snowmobile on state trails? It's a great way to experience our outdoors. A state trails pass is also included in the Conservation Patron's license

The purchase of a Conservation Patron license includes licenses and stamps necessary to enjoy many of the fishing and hunting seasons in the state at a discounted rate from purchasing them individually.

Opportunities abound. But even if you don't have the time or interest in pursuing all the seasons and adventures associated with the license purchase, know that funds generated by the Conservation Patrons license go directly back to species habitat protection and enhancement programs.

Your Conservation Patron's license also helps pay for your conservation wardens. These are the dedicated men and women that are out there every day protecting your rights to enjoy our natural resources, and providing public safety when you are participating in outdoor activities and ensure that our fish and game laws are being adhered to.

Were you once an angler or hunter and no longer participate in these outdoor activities? Ever considered being a mentor for someone to introduce them to the thrills and excitement of pursuing fish and game? Having a Conservation Patron's license allows you to go afield or on the water without the worry of being in compliance with license requirements for mentors.

If you have natural resource conservation on your list of things you strongly support, purchasing the Conservation Patron license is a way to put your personal resources directly into Wisconsin's natural resources.

It's the one license that covers just about anything an outdoor enthusiast would want. From hunting and fishing to hiking and reading great articles out of the Natural Resources Magazine. It's one-stop shopping for Wisconsin's outdoors -- and it's all available for $165.

With the purchase of a Conservation Patron License, you can have all these great opportunities that normally would cost about $325 and you will have them all. Not to mention the hours of pleasure you'll have re-connecting with the outdoors, and the priceless adventures and memories to follow.

For more information, call 1-888-WDNR-INFo (I-888-936-7463)

Oh, and hint, it makes a great Mother's or Father's Day present.

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