Friday, February 20, 2009

CALL TODAY and Ask Your Legislators to Support the Independent DNR Secretary bill!

In Wisconsin, we're passionate about the outdoors, from family farms to secret fishing spots to the woods where we hunt or hike. There are literally millions of Wisconsinites who spend their free time fishing, swimming, boating, camping, and more! And it's these citizens--like YOU--who understand the importance of managing, enjoying, and preserving the outdoors for future generations.

But, since 1995 when the Department of Natural Resources Secretary became a political appointee of the Governor, Wisconsinites have been questioning the integrity of natural resource decisions. Whether you're a hunter, an angler, or just like to enjoy time outdoors, a DNR Secretary that best represents your interests is one that bases natural resource decisions on science, not on the winds of political change.

Fortunately, YOU have a chance to make sure we restore conservation integrity and independence to natural resource management.

Today, Representatives Black, Kaufert, and Hubler and Senators Cowles and Wirch introduced LRB 0132/2 which will return the appointment of the DNR Secretary to the Natural Resources Board. The bill is now circulating for co-sponsorship and will only circulate for a FEW DAYS, so PLEASE CALL TODAY and ask your legislators to sign-on in support of LRB 0132/2.

After 15 years, it's time to take politics out of natural resource management! CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS TODAY and ask them to Co-Sponsor LRB 0132/2, the Independent DNR Secretary Bill.

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