Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quantum pros "hair" it out in online contest

Taking a hat off after a grueling day of fishing is no big deal, right? Well, not necessarily. It seems that even the country's most successful anglers sometimes have difficulty in baring the tangles, snags, flat spots or curls that lie underneath, assuming there's hair in the first place, when asked to do so.

But "show us your hat hair" is exactly what Quantum asked of its seven pros - Greg Hackney, Kevin VanDam, Shaw Grigsby, Gary Klein, Randy Howell, Dean Rojas and Mike McClelland - during their fishing days at the recent Bassmaster Classic.

"No, I don't take my hat off," said VanDam with his usual grin, even before asking "why?" Upon finding out the reason, he hesitated even more, but finally gave in to the peer pressure of knowing his fellow teammates had obliged. Rojas and McClelland both responded with an identical, "this is just wrong," although approached at different times and different places.

Howell said, "Oh man, it's all squashed down," then quickly took a swipe atop his crew cut with his hand as if it would make a difference.Hackney, Grigsby and Klein, were others with similar responses. First there was the "what?" from each. And then that was followed by "oooooo-kaaay," before doing so with a grin.

In fact, all anglers were able to muster a smile while topless, and it is a tribute to the good nature of these seven Elite Series anglers. Now the question remains of the group: "Who has the best hat hair?"

All fishing fans are invited to see for themselves and cast their votes by visiting, and clicking on "Classic '09." The voting ends on March 15, 2009.

One hundred of the voters will be selected by random drawing to receive a free Quantum camo cap.

Perhaps, our next contest will be asking to see YOUR hat hair. After all, having hat hair is part of "Fishing at a Quantum level."

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