Monday, February 9, 2009

GLSFC Special Bulletin

February 8, 2009
GLSFC Special Bulletin is looking for a fisherman… is looking for a fisherman (or woman) who is a grandparent and actively passes down the fishing tradition to their grandchild or grandchildren. They are looking for someone who teaches their grandchild/grandchildren fishing techniques, old fishing lore, and about life through the sport of fishing.

This grandparent must see their grandchildren regularly and make a point of carving out time for fishing as a regular activity.

Perhaps they go on fishing expeditions together. The grandchild or grandchildren should also be very interested in fishing because of what their grandparent teaches them. This is a great opportunity to get your club some online exposure. We will pass on the first three names we receive to our contact at

E-mail to

Their website:

The article will run under the column Grand Perspectives and would be the first sport-themed interview run in that column.

Dan Thomas, President
Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council

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